■ 标称直径5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 25mm etc. ■ 工作电压范围1000Vac (1500Vdc) ■ 工作温度范围-40°C ~ +85°C (Hi-temperature up to 125°C) ■ 10D、14D、20D符合IEC 60950-1附录Q需求 ■ 采用UL94 V-0级环氧树脂包封 ■ 能响应瞬时浪涌的卓越灵敏度 ■ 抑制电压低,保护效果可靠 ■ 无续流 ■ 可适用于自动化生产线 ■ 已应对RoHS指令,无卤


压敏电阻是 一种电子元件。也称为电压敏感电阻 (VDR),它具有非线性、非欧姆电流-电压特性,类似于二极管的电压特性。然而,与 二极管不同的是,它在通过电流的两个方向上都有相同的特性。在低电压时,它具有 较高的阻抗,并且随着电压的升高而降低。 A varistor is an electronic component with an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage.  Also known as a voltage-dependent resistor (VDR), it has a nonlinear, non-ohmic current–voltage  characteristic that is similar to that of a diode. In contrast to a diode however, it has the same  characteristic for both directions of traversing current. At low voltage it has a high electrical  resistance which decreases as the voltage is raised. 

金属氧化物压敏电阻器(MOV)是以氧化锌为主体并添加多种金属氧化物,经过压合和 烧结,成为具有晶界特性的多晶半导体陶瓷组件, 可产生非线性电流-电压特性。 The metal oxide varistor (MOV) is made of zinc oxide as a main body and a variety of metal oxides are  added. After pressing and sintering, a polycrystalline semiconductor ceramic module having grain  boundary properties can be used to generate nonlinear current-voltage characteristics.

压敏电阻器的主要用途就是保护设备免受瞬时过电压(浪涌)的破坏,当压敏电阻器遭 受瞬时过电压时, 压敏电阻器会从稳定(近似开路)状态转向限压状态(高导电状态)。 The main purpose of the varistor is to protect the device from transient overvoltage (surge) damage,  When the varistor is subjected to transient overvoltages, the varistor will shift from a steady state  (approximately open) to a regulated state (high conductivity).

在漏电流区, 压敏电阻器的V-I 特性近似线性关系。此时压敏电阻器呈现高阻状态,近似绝缘体, 可看作开路。 At leakage (current) region, the V-I curve of varistor shows like a linear relationship. The varistor is   in high resistance mode and shows as an open circuit.

在工作区, 压敏电阻器的V-I 曲线可以用下面的指数函数描述 In normal operation region, the V-I curve of a varistor can be described by power law: I=kvα 在这里, k为常数, α表示非线性系数。 Where k is a constant and α defines the degree of nonlinearity.

在上升区, 压敏电阻器呈现低阻状态, 可以看作短路。 At upturn region, the varistor is in low resistance mode and shows as a short circuit.